Saturday, 23 October 2010

Terracotta bread bin

Bread bin - Terracotta bread crock

This terracotta bread bin or bread crock is made by the quality bread crock company in Suffolk Henry Watson, which will keep you bread cool and stored safely. The insulating properties of terracotta storage vessels make this an ideal bread crock/bread bin and help maintain an even temperature, and the slight porosity of the non-glazed parts helps prevent moisture build up, hence keeps bread for longer. The inside of the bread crock/bread bin, excluding the lid is glazed for hygiene and easy cleaning. Will take most ordinary sized loaves.

Terracotta bread crocks are characterised by a timeless colour and texture, even though manufacturing methods and designs have naturally evolved over the years. These developments now culminate in a range of bread bins and bread crocks combining practicality, style and quality as never before.

Made by quality bread bin manufacturer Henry Watson
Terracotta bread crock and bread bin
This bread crock is a lovely addition to your kitchen

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